New job!

I work in my university’s library.  Growing up, did I ever imagine that I would be shelving and processing government maps and documents? No at all. But after a short stint working in food services freshman year, the library served as a shelter from hairnets and mopping floors. While it is not the most exciting job on campus, the hours are flexible and my supervisors are easy to work with. Even though it is decent, ever since I started working at the library I have been looking for a new job.

And this week I am finally starting a new one.  After filling out an application, asking for three letters of recommendation and sitting through an interview I was offered a tutoring job with Syracuse University’s literacy corps. The literacy corps works with schools across the city to help tutor children and adults in order to improve literacy. As a retired camp counselor, I was very excited to receive this position. I enjoy working with children and to have a job that allows me to get paid and make a positive impact on the community is ideal.

Over the weekend I attended training for my job. It was all day Saturday in a large conference room. Most of the day was spent learning strategies on how to gain and hold the attention of young children. A good amount of time, however, was learning about the history of the program, the culture of the city of Syracuse and hearing about the experiences of current and past tutors.

As a public relations student, I began to think about how any good organization should require employees to learn about their organization’s history and goals. The more positive information a company can feed to its employees the better off the company will be. An employee who has positive feelings towards a company or organization will be excited to work there and will likely work harder in order for the company to do well.

So as I listened to how stories about how being a literacy corps tutor shaped these students college experiences and how much a difference the tutors make in the tutees lives, I began to feel excited to begin work. In my two years working at the library, excitement was not in my vocabulary when it came to work.

While I have not started working yet, at least I can say that because of the organizations public relations efforts I have a very positive impression of my new place of employment. In addition I am ready to begin tutoring and continue to positively portray the Syracuse Literacy corps.

Within the next few weeks I will be sure to post an update to this post!



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