Let’s go to the fair

Growing up some of my fondest memories revolved around my town’s Independence Day carnival. I will always remember running around causing mischief, eating cotton candy, riding the Ferris wheel and waving my American flag. Since then, going to fairs has been a summer tradition.

Luckily, I go to school in the same city that hosts the oldest and the third largest state fair in the United States. The Great New York State Fair draws in over one million visitors each year and serves as a showcase of a variety of animals and New York State products and advancements in agriculture. The fairgrounds are enormous and the crowd is always colorful. I went this past Monday. As I made my way through the fair, it was hard not to notice all of the toothless people and men sporting mullets, but I find that this just adds to the experience.

One of my favorite aspects of the fair is the food. In my opinion, the fair hosts the largest gathering of fried foods this side of the Mississippi River. Every single food stand sold fried food, without exception.  The fried food options were endless, ranging from fried pickles, Oreos to “healthier” options such as friend tomatoes.

The public relations efforts at the fair are incredible. First of all, the name itself The Great New York State Fair is enticing. The name automatically makes fairgoers feel as though they are going to have a great time.  The fair’s logo is extremely well executed. The logo reminds me of my youth mixed with a touch of excitement and a dash of Upstate New York spirit. Also, it seems as though everyone who lives within a two-hour drive from the fair attends every year.  People, such as myself, go back year after year. The website is also well executed. It keeps fairgoers informed and excited for the fair months in advance.

The fair is also very respected and is able to bring in big-name acts such as Train, Maroon 5, Aerosmith, Journey and Justin Beiber.

I am impressed how the organizers of the fair are able to execute such an enormous event and continue to make it appealing to a diverse group of people. That being said, the Great New York State Fair will definitely continue to be a part of my summer tradition.




1 thought on “Let’s go to the fair

  1. hellodee

    I completely agree with you! the NYS Fair does such great PR, I feel like everyone knows, and at least thinks about it. Which is pretty much PR success in my opinion. It has such a great image as the tradition fair of NY state, that I always feel like I’m experiencing a part of history whenever I go there. Anyways, really great post!


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